Site Creators

Adam Hammond (project design and development; all website copy, design, HTML, and CSS) is Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature at San Diego State University. He author of Literature in the Digital Age (Cambridge UP, 2016) and co-author, with Melba Cuddy-Keane and Alexandra Peat, of the collaborative book Modernism: Keywords (Wiley-Blackwell, 2014). His website is

Julian Brooke (project design and development; all web programming) is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne. His research is in the field of computational linguistics, and includes work on style, emotion, lexicography, and educational applications.

The TEI file upon which the electronic edition of The Waste Land is based was supervised by Adam Hammond and the four Teaching Assistants for the Fall 2011 section of ENG 287, "The Digital Text": Lindsey Eckert, Melissa Patterson, Matt Schneider, and Elisa Tersigni. The annotations themselves were provided by the 200 students in the class.


The creators of He Do the Police in Different Voices would like to thank Alan Bewell, Melba Cuddy-Keane, Ian Lancashire, Nick Mount, John O'Connor, Marguerite Perry, Stephen Ross, and Malcolm Woodland for their support and feedback. They would like to thank David Chinitz for his editorial suggestions. Thanks also to Damion Renner and Ben Walton for technical assistance.